Chapter 3: Installing the Tools

version: 0.0.0
This book is in a very early stage. I don't recommend reading it with the intention of learning Neo Geo development just yet. You will likely hit pitfalls and mistakes.

In this chapter we will install the tools needed for development. The primary goal is to make sure they get installed correctly and that you are able to compile and run code. Don't worry too much about the details, later chapters will dig in much more.

Install ngdevkit

Install ngdevkit-examples

Install NeoSprite


The Neospriteviewer website at is a convenient way to see the graphic tiles inside of C and S ROMs. We will use this tool often throughout the book to see where certain tiles are in S ROMs that we borrow from other games (more on that in the next chapter) as well as confirming our C ROMs are getting built properly.